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XL SOCCER NZ, Auckland
The XL Soccer programs are 1 hour 30 mins for 6 weeks at Auckland's North Harbour Indoor Sports Arena. Read on to find out how we can train your child in the best sport in the world using the XL Soccer program.
Introducing Paul your Coach
Having spent the early part of my life playing STREET SOCCER with a tennis ball, out on the road, near my house and then in later years finding myself travelling up and down the length and breath of my homeland, England, watching both the domestic and international game, I believe this sport has something for everyone.
As a spectator, a parent, a coach we all see each and every game in a different light.  It does not matter if it is a youth friendly, a competitive inter-school, an amateur or professional fixture we will all focus on good and bad and in general see it in a different light.
What we teach
There are a number of fundamental elements that I believe have to be applied to child/youth soccer. At XL Soccer, we start with getting the basics right, giving children a better understanding of the difference between the do's and dont's - rights and wrongs.
We encourage the following at our XL Soccer training programs:
  • Proper warm-up and warm-down in order to produce the best results and look after players
  • Spend as much time as possible with a ball at their feet - no long periods of waiting and inactivity
  • Emphasis be made to the importance of communication
  • Apply a competitive approach to every training session
  • Drill progression
  • Get the basics right, touch, control, turns, tackling, passing and shooting.
  • Encourage more of a physical approach to the game
  • Small groups guaranteed with up to two coaches for focused, individual attention.
  • Discipline too is something that we encourage and focus on
  • NO focus on sprinting, speed or stamina


We ALSO believe sucess is better achieved in a small group scinario/enviroment.  We will offer a 1 to 12 scheme, 1 coach with 12 children but where possible we will have 2 coaches working with the kids. 


Our XL Soccer programs are 1 hr 30 mins and run for 6 weeks.  We work with the MITRE FOOTBAL DE SALAO, S2 skill ball, but do not put too much attention into ball juggling.  The reason we have chosen this EXPENSIVE brand and product is simple:

  1. LOW BOUNCE - this type of ball will spend 80% more time on the play surface rather than in the air.  Also the childs first touch is less likely to pop-up
  2. SMALLER SWEET SPOT - making it a little harder to connect properly with the ball, so when the child moves to a propatter S3 or S4 ball they will find it easier.

We will also work with S1's and either S3 or S4 balls in order to vary things up a little.

We have invested over $1,000 in new equipment recently.


The location is also important and we are very pleased to be working with NORTH HARBOUR INDOOR SPORTS ARENA.  The surface is a form of astro-turf, the pitch is completely surrounded by netting and we play with small/mini goals (no keeper).

Each child will receive a MITRE 'T' shirt, a MITRE S4 England Replica Ball (Red or Blue) and a skill aid to practice with (belt, rope and net), all in with your fee.

Achievement Levels

  • CONFERENCE - Level 1
  • DIVISION 2 - Level 2
  • DIVISION 1 - Level 3
  • CHAMPIONSHIP - Level 4
  • PREMIERSHIP - Level 5

Every child will get a certificate of attendance and in week 6 they will be assessed in a practical environment and also be given a multi-choice questionnaire to take home.  This will be returned to us, marked and the player profile assessed to see if the individual can progress to the next level.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Roy Goodley, General Secretary - MILTON KEYNES & DISTRICT JUNIOR 7's league
It has been my pleasure to get to know Paul over the last three seasons, in his capacity as Football Coach and Club Chairman of Stantonbury Campus Colts.  Due to Paul's drive and enthusiasm, in encouraging good practices from managers and coaches, parents and spectators, his Club Management Team and the boys and girls at the club, they are attracting more children than they can cope with and the constant attention of scouts from professional football clubs.  In short, he will be a loss to football in the Milton Keynes area.
Allison Sargeant, Headteacher -WHITTLEBURY COE PRIMARY SCHOOL 
As a small primary school of around 50 pupils, we feel very privileged to have had access to this quality of coaching, which we would not normally have hoped to obtain.
Paul has transformed the standard of football by his well organized and focused training sessions, and by his belief in the children's abilities.  He has not only trained the children in technical skills, but also in the need for discipline, team skills and sportsmanship. The climax this term was our own version of the World Cup, when Paul was voluntarily in school all day to referee all the matches.
Paul is meticulous in this preparation, planning and carrying out his training sessions, and through his own training and qualifications, is well aware of issues such as insurance and health and safety.  
Russell Jones, original Secretary and NEW Chairman - STANTONBURY CAMPUS COLTS 
In Paul's first season he received a special award from the League for being the best U8 team Manger/Coach in a league of approximately 60 other teams in that particular age group.
Paul's squad continued to develop and at the end of their first season entered into the Mursley tournament and won.  The following season saw more success by winning a popular local tournament in Buckingham.
To Paul's credit, honour and pride one of the older lads was signed by Northampton Town FC and two others were actually signed by Aston Villa FC
* In writing this entry I am pleased to say that these two boys are in their 3rd season at Villa and I wish them every success in making the grade - PAUL
As well as this , the club had 7 other lads attending the Villa masterclass and this included both Paul's sons, Jack & Louis.  This, we were told, was the highest number of lads ever scouted from one club by a Premiership club in the whole of the UK.  Sound testament to the man that started it all.  
RD Harnett - Principal, BROWNS BAY SCHOOL - newsletter 
On Friday the 8th of October our senior boys braved very unkind weather in a dramatic clash with old rivals Campbells Bay.
We have not beaten them for many years and came as close as you possibly can to winning. The boys led 1 - 0 until near the end when Campbells Bay equalised. This led to a best of 5 penalty shoot out which ended in a draw after all were taken. We then went to 'sudden death' penalties with the first team to miss being the loser. After 5 more penalties we were finally beaten.
* This was my most dramatic moment ever in youth soccer - the 20th penalty! Then a lot of boys to console.
We will have another chance to even things up on the 19th Nov. Our sincere thanks go out to our dedicated coach Paul Caunter ...