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15th DEC
See the last box at the bottom of this page.  The message came from a young player in my school soccer team, Nipparo Moon
11th DEC
Two NEW references added to the page, one from the now Chairman of my old soccer club Stantonbury Campus Colts, Mr Paul Woodham and the other from Jane Coleborn who's son Josh was in my Browns Bay School soccer team which recently did so well at the BILLY HARRIS tournament
Remark made by the head of sports at Browns Bay School, Mrs Bradley:
After attending many soccer competitions over many years I have never seen the game played like this.  It was an absolute pleasure to watch.
Tom Hunt - age 14 (Player) @ 10 years old he was a trialist at COVENTRY CITY. Trialing at EAST COAST BAYS U17's next season. 
Paul coached me today (28/11) on a 1-1 basis and taught me the importance of concentration and to use my head.  He explained that 60% of the game should be played here, 20% is vocal and then 20% at my feet.  With higher levels of concentration comes results and this soon came very apparent to me.  He worked on first touch, passing, accuracy and agility.  I think Paul offers a unique training concept in this country.  If you want to become a better player I would recomend Paul.  The session was hard work but fun and even competitive (he beat me today but I will beat him the next time).  Paul has some really good equipment including mini goals, S2 South American skill balls and S3 & S4 normal balls. His session was well planned and well set out.  He was able to look at certain parts of my game that was not working, tell me where I was going wrong, make some changes and we then achieved better and more consistent results.  I also liked the fact that he talked to me and listened to what I said set the drills up accordingly.  This has only ever happened once before.
PAUL's feedback
I was not sure how this would work but I was really pleased with the outcome.  TJ is a pleasure to work with, he is focused, passionate and commited.  I am sure he will play at a top level in this country.  I felt he took a lot out of the program and I am looking forward to our next session - we have lots to work on and I look forward to seing his development (he will help my game too - lol). 
JANE COLBORN, mother to Josh who played in my BROWNS BAY SCHOOL soccer team (email 10th Dec 04)
Hi Paul,
I am writing to thank you for all of the many hours that you gave so freely, to Josh and the rest of the team. It seems as if he is a different child. His understanding of the game now, is almost instinctual and his skills have increased in leaps and bounds.
Josh now has a “don’t give up” attitude and he will chase down his opponent and get the ball back, whereas before he lacked that killer instinct. You have given him the confidence in himself to try harder, to give 100% for the whole game and we are so proud of him for his achievement.
He is a joy to watch. Josh has always been enthusiastic about soccer practice but now he is even more so. He is eager to learn and we are very grateful to you for
sharing your time, patience, knowledge and skills. We hope that Josh can continue to learn from you in the future.
PAUL's response.
Josh is a great player, he shows good willing to learn and it just goes to show how much an individual can change his game over a 10 month period - FRIGHTENING.  I wish him well and hope that I can help with his game progression, GOOD LUCK JOSH. 
PAUL WOODHAM, chairman at Stantonbury Campus Colts (email 10th Dec 04) 
It is quite clear that Paul has not lost his enthusiasm for youth football. When I first met him some 4 years ago, Pauls love for the game and his commitment to his players was obvious. His drive and energy for the game is the legacy that he has left with us, at Stantonbury Colts FC, and it encouraging to see that he is as determined as ever, to create the correct environment for his players to succeed. We at Stantonbury Colts FC wish him every success.
PAUL's response
As they say a change of face is always best.  I gave the club 100% and did my great friend Russ but Paul has now taken the clud to an all new level by achieving the FA Charter recognition.  WELL DONE.
PS: I look forward to the day that I return to conduct another training session. 
NEPARO MOON - Browns Bay School soccer team player (age 11) 
Thank you for everything that you have done for me. You are the best coach in the world.
Remember you said that you would always give me 100%? I dont think you give 100% I think you give 1000%
A great player with a bright future.