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NEWS: (Sep 2006 while in Auckland with UMBRO)
Shearer says: our kids in NZ are not vocal enough on the field.  I could not agree more.  This is something I have always worked hard on, its part of the game!

“First and foremost you have to enjoy what you do, but secondly you have to give your all at everything,” Shearer said.

“Don’t cut corners. Give it your all. If your all isn’t good enough then no one can ask any more of you.

“I was never ever I don’t think the most gifted or the best player around, but for what I lacked in that I made up in attitude.”

WELL DONE SON - Jack Caunter

DEC news: Jack Caunter is awarded the Northcross Intermediate School Y7 footballer of the year award.  A very deserved recognition for all the effort he has put into his game this year.

15th Feb
A very interesting article. It is very important to get your enviroment right in order to achieve results as explained by HERNAN CRESPO and his failure to do the business at Chelsea
Have you got it right? Has your child got it right?
5th Feb
John Adshead - NZ Knights NEW Coach
We are all excited about John Adshead's appointment as Head Coach of the New Zealand Knights. After working in the Middle East and returning to NZ his view of the NZ game is summed up as follows:
While encouraged by some of what he has seen in his time here, Adshead said: "For the last few years I have been working with some very good players and when I came back, maybe, in comparison, it was all a bit gentle."
22nd Jan
We have just added new info to our SOCCER NEWS PAGE
22nd Jan
New Zealand vs Fiji - U20's World Cup Qualifier - 21st Jan
The KIWI boys could not capitalise on a number of opportunities in their first game against Fiji going down just 1-0 to a late 80th min winner. In the 68th min the opposition were also reduced to 10 men. It will now be an uphill struggle after one of the teams in the group no-showed.
They followed with a 7-0 victory and went out in the final game loosing 2-1
15th Jan
More news from the world of soccer, view the stories on our SOCCER NEWS page
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14th Jan
We are pleased to be the official agents for a fantastic, FREE Online Soccer Management Game. See our link in the left for further information.
14th Jan
We have a new business partner and this comes in the form of DATACOACH a great tool/aid for anyone serious about coaching soccer/football. See our link on the left for further information
11th JAN
Course flier and application form
8th JAN
We have just added lots of soccer news to our NEWS PAGE and also the latest COACHING TIPS from the FA.
20th DEC
Boot feedback from one of NZ's Top National League players, Grant Young about the NEW MITRE VERUS boot:
The boots are very comfortable & lite weighted, I feel sharper & feel like i'm turning alot sharper especially at my age. It has a nice feel when striking a ball. Training in the rain the other day, my socks were wet when finished but, the boot remained lite weighted, so you did not feel like you were running around with lead boots on! With other boots they get heavier when wet
18th DEC
Tight at the TOP of the NZ National league as the top two both have convincing wins!
18th DEC
A WOMAN makes it into the MANS world. Read all about the young Mexican soccer star that could soon be mixing it with the BOYS - Maribel Dominguez
17th DEC
Mitre VERUS ball - the fastest in the world!
The Mitre Verus ball is the world’s fastest with a recorded speed of 114mph, delivering explosive power with deadly accuracy. This season Mitre is honouring all 42 winners in The FA Cup’s 133-year history, by naming them on the 2004-05 season’s round-by-round Verus ball.
12th DEC
Well done to all the lads who came to NORTH HARBOUR INDOOR SPORTS arena this morning. We started off with a shooting competition and well done to John. Not only the most goals but also the quickest time.
Also well done to the tournament winners, Alexa, Alex and Louie who were unbeaten after 6 games. Sean and and Alec can a well deserved 2nd while Jack and Elliott came 3rd.
It was also hard to choose the overal best player of the bay, we had some great performances but I think Sean just edged it.
11th DEC
WELL DONE Auckland City! The local derby was fiercly fought between the two top teams. Waitakere played the better looking soccer and strung the better passing movements together but a great finish from our man GRANT YOUNG who first created space by holding up the ball, a well weighted pass to a teamate with movement into empty space to get the pass-back and then a powerfull, well-struck shot from outside the area, accross the fully stretched keeper into the roof of the net.
11th DEC
GRANT YOUNG is the first person in NEW ZEALAND to get a pair of the NEW MITRE VERUS soccer boots, hey, I haven't got a pair yet!
11th DEC
Two new references on the WHAT THEY SAY PAGE
10th DEC
Well today is NEWS-DAY. We were contacted earlier by a young man in order to join a party of New Zealanders as they depart in Jan to the Soloman Islands to help develop local, deprived communities with a number of sports. XL SOCCER will lead the SOCCER staff and coach children, adults and other coaches the basics of the sport in order to get more out of the game and better results.
10th DEC
GRANT YOUNG, striker for AUCKLAND CITY has agreed to test the boot and is being sponsored by XL SOCCER and MITRE NZ. Watch this page for boot feedback, lets hope he scores another hat-rick
10th DEC
SPONSORSHIP agreement to be announced, later with NATIONAL LEAGUE player to wear and test the NEW MITRE VERUS SOCCER BOOT
10th DEC
NZ National League - TOP OF THE TABLE clash:
Location : Kiwitea Street, Auckland
Game date : 11/12/04
Time : 16:00
7th DEC
The NEW Mitre boot arrives in NEW ZEALAND, sizes available from 7-12 UK and 8-13 US - MITRE VERUS SOCCER BOOT
7th DEC
All Whites get shot at the TOP! Ryan Nelsen extends loan period at BLACKBURN - RYAN NELSEN
29th NOV
NEW page: What They Say
Also read the feedback from a young player, Tom Hunt after a 1 on 1 session
24th NOV
Reference: Craig Pirie
I come across Paul while coaching for Towcester Juniors in the UK. I had put some of my boys on his coaching school PR soccer and was really impressed by the level of coaching, organisation and his enthusiasm. Paul then approached me to leave Towcester Juniors to coach for him at his club Stantonbury Campus Colts and based on this I jumped at the chance. It was a pleasure to work with Paul and he gave me back my belief that I am a good coach and to stick by my style. I then moved to Aberdeen and could not stay away because of this belief he gave me. He is an infectious guy and lives, breathes and sleeps football and the size of his club Stantonbury Campus Colts back in Milton Keynes in the UK is testament to that. I have a lot to thank Paul for now in my position as a coach for Celtic FC in the Football in the community team
20th NOV
SOCCER NEWS - what is going on around the world
19th NOV
Browns Bay School attend the 5th North Shore, Billy Harris, Inter-School tournament.
HEADLINE - top read
Have you seen the NEW page about the all new MITRE VERUS SOCCER BOOT, from the people who make the best ball in the world.
HEADLINES - top read
Browns Bay School make the SEMI-FINALS of the BILLY HARRIS Inter-School tournament.
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