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NORTHCROSS INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL - Football/Soccer News & Updates.
Welcome to our page for Northcross Intermediate School students, teachers and parents.  The page is dedicated to Northcross Intermediate Schools achievements in relation to football/soccer ONLY.
NOTE, anything PURPLE & UNDERLINED is a LINKED item/phrase
First we must thank AIA NZ for their generous KIT SPONSORSHIP in 2007.  This is a 3 year deal between the school and the company.  20 New Kappa strips have been purchased and Paul from Taggs-R-Us has printed numbers and school name onto the uniforms.  The strip will be used by both boys and girls alike as they compete in school friendly matches or in any official competitive tournament capacity.
Our thanks are extended to Daryl Quinn who has been instrumental in arranging this agreement.  AIA NZ are part of the AIG Group which also sponsor Manchester United in the UK. The deal is valued in excess of $3,000.



12th JULY


Well, I will call it HOLIDAY MODE, frustrating for me! WARNING, I am already grading you on PLAYER PERFORMANCES at training, just like I have done for all previous 1st 11 squads @ NX. COME PREPARED TO TRAIN, PERFORM & ACHIEVE POSSITIVE RESULTS!

6th JULY



DISSAPOINTING, well done to Dan, Brandon, Blair, Jack & Michael. Those who PLAYED A GAME on Sunday and chose not to attend, VERY POOR! Some new drills for the lads, well done, some good COMBINATION/LINK-UP drills and some great 1v1 at the end, with some showing good DEF skills and ATT skills too.

I LOOK FORWARD TO A BETTER ATTENDANCE THIS WEEK, make sure YOU contact us if you are not ATTENDING TRAINING. ALSO ENSURE we have your PARENTS contact details (CELL)

TUE 29th

Well done to the lads on SUN who went through another FUN, TESTING striker session. Added difficulty was added with the boys working with S2 FDS balls. Also well done to the 4 lads who showed willing and commitment after turning up and not being 100% - GOOD ON YOU! I call it CHARACTER

A long session, with a chat at the end, almost 2 hours indoor but GREAT FUN and lots learned. One or two of you starting to edge ahead, keep up the good work.

SUN 27th

Hey lads, WELL DONE to those making the squad, getting there. Some good performances at PINEHURST, Mr T and I age going through lots of data. 8 final boys in the mix, defenders and midfield sorted, with a number offering UTILITY ROLE, ideal for me!

Well done Y7's making the team and well done to Y7's still trying to make the squad. NEXT YEAR we will be so strong! Looks like the same old story from me, BEST TEAM EVER to NATIONALS! Looking for our 5th consecutive final appearance with NO GOALS CONCEDED in group stages!

Well done to those of you who competed at indoor on FRI

Also some GREAT GOALS!

Also, some good work from the 8 during our SHOOTING/SPRINTING practice on FRI too


Football ...... its a FUNNY OLD GAME! We continued with a STRONG/SOLID defensive performance, 5 GROUP games and AGAIN, clean SHEET. The only way OPO can score against us is a PEN in the semi! Says it all boyz. HOW MANY GAMES, Y7 & Y8 have we played and only 1 goal via normal FREE-PLAY, BRILLIANT!

Like I said to you all, TODAY WAS ABOUT testing the water, many of you will have played in a number of possitions, different to the norm. I thought it a good idea to chat to CAPT & VICE in relation to personel and line-up for the last couple of games, with some good info and ideas coming from Liam & Reid, well done lads.

LOTS OF GOOD from today, some of you, with AKL Champs enough to put your name into a SQUAD SHIRT. Mr T and I will name a number of CONFIRMED SQUAD players over THIS weekend. Again, we will probably be WATCHING some of you on SAT.

THANKS FOR A VERY MEMORABLE 5th game - PURE CLASS, I bet Murrays didnt achieve a 8 from 10 against a good team! I spoke to Mark, MBIS about friendlies, IT WILL HAPPEN.


MON 14th see to your right, GREEN BOX - Next Event (important read) ALSO see IMPORTANT NOTICE

SAT 12th - WELL DONE lads. I am on my TRAVELS, scouting you in CLUB GAMES in order to make sure we have THE BEST first 11 squad EVER!. 11:00 @ Ashley Park to watch Vincent, Eithan, Keiren & Jung-Ho. WELL DONE LADS, stand-our performances for me fr VINCENT, 9/10 in the first half and EITHAN 8+. Keiren did OK in a central mid 7/10 and Jung-Ho good, but not really tested, 6+. BOYS, I have notes on you ALL, if you are keen to hear them, CALL ME or email. UNFORTUNATE for me was the 2nd 1/2 performance, FLAT and not so structured, I was a bit dissapointed. Boys, lay platforms in the 1st 1/2 and then PUSH-ON in the 2nd.

DAN - just sorted links, ALL VALID and now in order ............ SIR!

WELL DONE year 7's for adding 2 more titles to the impressive list of achievements.

A pleasing performance in the final against SACRED HEART, a 2-0 win with goals from MATT H and a late one from JOSH. Pleasing for me was the semi, going 1 down and then coming back to win 2-1 with a NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE - WORLD CLASS boyz!

Congrats to the STARS: Louis, T, Dan, Trent, Tane, Matt, Louie, Sean, Eithan, Jack, Liam, Brandon, Josh, Cam, Matt, Vincent. Its been a great pleasure to work with you all.

UNFORTUNATE for the Y8's was the group of DEATH draw at HARBOUR, seing us unbeaten during the group stages, average goal diff and a poor final performance with max player points achieved being 5 out of 10's which wont win us games lads (AS DISCUSSED A WEEK FRI). 0-0 against KRISTEN means we were PIPPED at the post, excuse the pun.

THIS YEAR, we have put the MOST AMOUNT of time ever into thes lads ahead of ZONE DAYS, for me the lads have taken in and accepted that DEFENSIVE PRIOROTIES are key and our record says it all:

45 hours of training & football

16 Competitive matches

6 and 1/2 hours of competitive football

NEARLY 50 goals scored for both teams

and the BEST ACHIEVEMENT for me ONLY 1 GOAL CONCEDED - well done lads!

CONGRATZ to the boys who have made the WORLD CUP squad for next week, 19 players. This is also a PROVISIONAL AIMS/1st 11 SQUAD too. Mr T and I spent from 1030 - 1230 on WED night chatting over coffee/tea in order to make this final sellection and let me tell you it was VERY HARD.

Afraid with all SELLECTION a number lose out, some players were very close and I have spoken to some of you already. I am afraid, there will be more dissapointment as we have to reduce the 19 to 15. This is the price to pay in competitive sport and it wont be the last time we experience this. I hope the good times out-weigh the bad as this is why I am involved and do this.


Now the journey begins and we start the hard work, we look to lift it up a couple of notches now in order to prepare for the football festival in SEPT - AIMS. We have a great time away and this year will be no different than any other. Football homework will be introduced as discussed in our meeting today.

GOOD LUCK, train hard, play HARDER and I will see some of you on the GREEN STUFF tomorrow

Reid and Michael B get AUTOMATIC places in the Y8 squads due to the fact that, at Y7 they made the schools first 11 team and attended NATIONALS.  This will apply this year again to any Y7's who make the schools 1st 11 sellection.  This must be the aim of you all, TRAIN HARD, PLAY HARD and IMPRESS!

A late call up last year to MATT S who became our FIND OF THE TOURNAMENT!

Have a little read of the info below, click on some of the links, have a WATCH and please email me ANYTHING that you find interesting on this page.  THIS IS A TEST, I want to see how many players READ this.  If I get a good response I will put lots of time into UPDATES and notes, just like below!

WELL DONE AGAIN, I look forward to working HARD with you all


NORTHCROSS - school football 2009

Not a good year for the SCHOOL, infact our WORST ever due to lack of time for me and HEAVY CLUB commitments. Y8's pipped at HOURBOUR by TAKA INT who made the final and lost at AKL CHAMPS. A high for me was NATIONALS AGAIN, with out 4th consecutive FINAL in a row, injuries killed us after starting the better and more confident team against PALMI. 3-1 loss and another SILVER medal

WELCOME Y7's & Y8's to CAMPAIGN 3 Year 2008

Hi all, well we have started TRIALS and training and this year will be bigger and better than ever. Over 80 players to consider with Y7's and a few less with the Y8's.  I have many possitives to take from both groups already.

I believe that my Y8's will be stronger than last year, we can already see NEW players that we missed last year, did not attend trials OR are new to the school.

The aim will be simple again - 5 for 5

The school and I take our FOOTBALL/SOCCER seriously and we expect the boys to do the same.  I dont think many schools in NZ can boast 5/5 titles.

Anyway, I look forward to helping you with your game development and making you all better players this year.

I also believe THIS YEAR we will take the MOST Y7's to AIMS ..... but lads, that is upto you!

LATEST INFO: (last updated 14th SEP)

WEEK 37 news

SUN 14th



10 tournaments, 10 titles 2008 & 2007

Played 8 and WON 8 and conceded 4 scored 27


Special thanks are extended to ALL the parents who supported the lads, we had many there from Monday.

Thanks to Dale and ALL the Garys for their HELP!

SPECIAL thanks to Daryl for the superb pics


JUDD/JJ and JOSH, could not ask for more!

SPECIAL well done to JJ who scored 9/10 in the game against MBIS (semi)

SPECIAL mention to JAY for his work-rate

Well done MR IMPACT (Joel)

A superb game from AJ when we played 4 at the back

TUE 2nd

Good warm-up and then some great ball work, especially the volleys and the passing.  SAQ was very good from Josh, I can really see the improvement in YOU ALL!  SKILLz too were good, this is great fun.

As for the ZONE work at the end, I DID SEE SOME GOOD LINKING AND PASSING at times but in all I was unhappy.

We MUST single out 2 lads that did really well which was DYLAN and JUDD.

Boys, more switched-on & focused, be busy working hard OFF the ball and work hard to find the BEST PASSING POSSITION in order to get the ball from my mate. LADS, IF THE MAN ISNT THERE THEN JUST ROLL OIUT A WEIGHTED BALL IN ORDER THAT YOUR BUDDY CAN GET TO WHERE HE NEEDS TO BE.  Also look to keep it on the ground.  Consider your options and look to play at TEMPO.


MON 1st

Meetings went well, I hope you all took something out of this.  So much for my 5 mins a player - LOL

SUN 31st

Hey lads, not bad, started late after our chat but some possitives to take out of todays training.  Its SO IMPORTANT that we recognise TIGHT AND COMPACT vs LONG AND WIDE and its all about SPEED OF TRANSITION.  We are in our final week now, come THUR/FRI/SAT it will all be over and it will just be time to play!

FRI 29th

Whats important for me is that I learnt a number of things today and we TRIED many combos.  LOTS TO BE PLEASED ABOUT TOO, so well done all.  Unfortunatelly I tend to focus often on the negatives but these are the areas we need to improve on if we are to get better.

HERE IS ONE FOR YOU LADS: David (BHBIS Dep Princ) said, 'Even stronger than last year!' My response was, 'NOT YET but we are on track and I think come AIMs week we can do even better than the boys last year as regards the way we play, how we played, results and mentality!'

JAY and JJ, great first 15, fantastic to watch you both!  Judd GREAT start, working back to the ball often. WE TRIED hard to switch the play and today we did this more than any games so far.

Cont ......

When we look to switch the ball we ALWAYS were able to get it down to the opos final 3rd and when JUDD was playing upfront he got in behind their defenders on a number of occasions.  THIS HAS TO BE OUR AIM at AIMs - to do this more often.

Great to see young Greg back after illness

The main player that came on late in the game and then made a HUGE STATEMENT was young HARVEY!  Good on you lad what a screamer of a goal.  If he can look to find that kind of form each time he plays and trains then he too will be fighting for a starting line-up.

Dylan was slow to start but finished strong.  Con was his usual busy self upfront, the backs played well as always, just need to drop wide and deep quickly when we have the ball.

VERY PLEASING ALSO the way JAY, JJ and Mitch worked together, the 3 were so well possitioned during the first 15 .......... we need to sustain this come AIMS week

THUR 28th

Fingers crossed, may have some exciting news for you re EVENTS/ACTIVITIES next week.

At times VERY GOOD today and then at others NOT ACCEPTABLE!  Well below par and if we show this side to GOOD OPPOSITION you will pay a price

IF YOU SEE THE MAN EARLY AND IN SPACE then get the ball to him sooner rather than later.

Some good switching from JAY and some clever stuff from Reece

SPECIAL THANKS to Mr Washer as regards the lunchtime info in relation to state-of-mind & state-of-body.  SLEEP, food and liquid will be the most important part of your week ...... AFTER FOOTBALL.  COOL DOWN too will be very important and regimented. If you dont look after the body well there is every chance your game will be bellow par - DONT LET YOURSELF OR YOUR TEAM DOWN!  Murry and I will be strict on you! You will get a hand-out tomorrow in relation to what was discussed today, over the weekend I want you to read it and then write down in your own words WHAT YOU WILL DO AND HOW THIS INFO WILL HELP YOU WHILE AT AIMS

MUZZ, what about food/liquid charts, recording what the boys are eating each day? 

TUE 26th AUG

Watch out for SOCCER SKILLZ WARZ @ AIMs so get practicing

Hey, not bad today, lots of goals scored, lots of chances created.  I must say, watching JUDD and CON work together is pleasing for me.  Two lads with brains, creativity and who link up well, not forgetting great work-rates!  We take to AIMS this year our BEST strike-force and with MATT also itching to play upfront. WINGERS, you are great supporting the attack just dont forget you ALSO HAVE DEFENSIVE responsibilities.  THIS IS A MUST if we play 3 at the back! Centre mids tended to get in eachothers way today, CAN YOU WORK WITH EACHOTHER?  COMPLIEMENT YOUR MATE BY GIVING HIM THE BALL ........ and early!  THEN can we look to get in around the BACK!  Not too bad from the back 3, remember when we win the ball back lest creat options QUICKLY.  Drop back and wide as fast as possible.  If the wingers then go wide the central guys should see a lot of ball - DONT RUSH TO FORCE THE PASS.  AJ, some good runs but not any further than the edge of the box - I DONT WANT TO GET HIT ON THE COUNTER

As at today I have 11 outfield players READY to start (not inc TOM).  Can you make my job even harded?

MON 25th AUG

Hey lads, we battled with illness and the ellement yesterday.  Man I felt poor too!  Just a little disjointed but ellement for me were pleasing.  The VOLLEY drill is getting better as is the passing and moving drill, SAQ was good too, lots of hard work and a new drill for YOU and I, the shooting drill!  9 laps almost 10 from the last groop, this will help you with your fitness.  Also the amount of goals kept increasing. WELL DONE ALL!

Good luck to Josh Lee today

A very productive chat with my VC on Fri too!


WELL DONE BOYS, superb character.  Like I said before, these games will be a test for me to try things out, see what works and what doesnt. We started with 3 at the back and we did not settle due to the rushed prep.  Before we know it we are in a very unusual/unfamiliar situation 2-0 down.  Enough was enough, back to 4 at the back and on came JJ. Changed to STANDARD 4-4-2 (I hate that formation) but we settled and continued to PLAY FOOTBALL.  We were the stronger team in the first half and the score was not reflective of how we played.  A number of good passing phases and some great balls from wide left from young Mitch.  We entered their final 1/3 often and ended up with a shot on target, which is all I can ask for.  Their keeper was CLASS today, making many good saves and very quick off his line, acting almost like a sweeper.  The plan was to look to switch and get in behind our opo and we also did this well too. Consistent performances from AJ & MATT, a much better 2nd half from CODY (stop watching the ball son and see what is going on arround you), a good game from JJ which was pleasing for me.  Also pleased with the way Judd and Connor worked, creating chances and compliementing eachother which is ideal!  I have spoken to Cons mum tonight and unfortunately he has been to hospital and his cut required 4 stitches.  I also spoke to Judds mum and he too is fine after being wasted by our oppositions keeper.  Some FREEKICKS awarded to us in crucial possitions, we will be making good use of them soon as we will be working hard on set-pieces. Good work from Reece in the 2nd half when we moved him wide right, he offered something extra going forward. Jay ok, going to ground too often and drifting, needs to look to play a bit earlier too at times ....... MOVE THE BALL ON.  Tom wasnt really tested today, I am sure he will get his chance.  2 nil down to 3-2 winners is GREAT for me, you show belief which is priceless, you may need to recall that at AIMS.


TUE 19th Aug

Well done to caps for a decent warm-up prep.  Good tempo for ball work there-after, just remember SWITCH-ON upstairs and look for quality, consistency and results!  Some great work again with the ATT units vs DEF units (4v2).  Remember ATT look to be busy with those runs.  On a couple of occasions the backs were struggling to cover and cope with all the movement happening around them.  Looking to work back to ball OFTEN.  You dont have to always get the ball after making a good run, look at Con moving from a central poss to the right creating space and time for his mate on the left.  WELL DONE

SUN 17th Aug

Good luck to all US1 players competing today

SAT 16th Aug

Well done G12 Bays 1st team, beating NSU 3-0 (thanks)

FRI 15th AUG

AJ one for you, HAVE A LOOK - LINK

* ALSO NOTE MR T will also be grading you at INDOOR, every FRI.  This will be more data for us to consider as we are assesing your form.

JUDD & CON check this out - LINK, this IS an out and out striker!

TOM - one for you, he is a bit old now but watch his balance, technique, composure and agility - LINK


A very productive CHAT today at lunch-time, longer than we had anticipated but well worth it!  This then did not leave us a huge amount of time to train, but that was fine, WHAT WE SAW TODAY COULD ONLY BE DESCRIBED AS MAGIC!  We took the football to another level, one step forward again!  This is what we need to do more often and for sustained periods.  I will be honest, this football looked BETTER than anything our last years group offered us in training - HATS OFF TO YOU BOYS!

I just want to repeat a few points discussed earlier.  TO YOUR RIGHT is our TOP 11 players from last weeks training, WELL DONE lads.  Well done to you all for completing your GOALS sheet, they ALL need to be seen and signed by your parents.  We will revisit these again soon.  You will also see my comments (to you all), some of you need to be a little more detailed and spacific.

WE WANT YOU TO COMMIT TO THIS PROGRAM, we dont want you to choose, Mr T and I are doing a huge amount for you behind the scenes.  You boys are getting a lot more than the lads last year, so we want you to take the MOST out of it!  Last THUR and SUN was dissapointing for me, in relation to numbers and club games.  Like we said, we would have cancelled NX training if someone had approached us, instead we are now liasing with both clubs to make sure we dont clash again.  This was something that had already been agreed some time ago. ITS ALL ABOUT YOU!

Also I am collecting player training stats in order that I can build a good picture of your preparation BEFORE AIMS.  Well done today to AJ / JOSH / DYLAN / REECE who all scored 3 on the performance stats.


They have been awarded to JAY & JOSH at the moment for a number of reasons discussed earlier in our meeting.  JAY - I can and will take it away too!

PRIZE the first person to email me gets a LIMITED EDITION Phoenix Lanyard or Stress ball - GO!

4 titles in 2008

Well done both YEAR 7's and 8's for winning both HARBOUR CHAMPS (May) and then following up with AUCKLAND CHAMPS (June).

Special WELL DONE to the Y7's who have played 12 competitive games, scored over 50 goals and have still NOT CONCEDED ONE!

WEEK 45 news

ADDING 2 MORE TITLES - 5 from 5!

What a year! On Monday we got to play the finals of the long awaited AUCKLAND CHAMPS.  I had arranged the use of the new TIGER TURF at North Harbour Stadium.  We had been drawn against REMUERA INT.  A huge warm-up preperation for me with both squads to worry about.  Needless to say, it went very well.  Up first was our Y7's.  A close faught event, we went one up and our opposition equalised.  I again messed around with shape and personel and late in the game, Ben chases a long ball out wide, delivers a deep cross over the keeper to the back post where our goal scoring ace, Tommy would be there to head the ball in for the winning goal.  Our year 8's were next up and what a class performance they returned to me.  We were a different class!  Two nil at the break, with a new game stratergy for the 2nd half, the boys listened well, applied themselves and within 7-8 mins we had 2 more goals!


WEEK 36 news


One step further than last year.  A MASSIVE THANKS to all the lads and the parents who turned up to watch the football on THUR & FRI.  Many of you were treated to some exciting football, we are SO COMPOSED and preparation for the final was amaizing.  I will do more of an update when I have caught up on my work

WEEK 35 news

Rest boys and FINAL preparation.  No training or games as a number of you have had illness, injuries and your clubs are also trying to squeeze in extra games.  Eat well and REST WELL too.  Some boys will have WESTLAKE TRIALS on FRI and GAME on SAT.  I need to know about injuries in advance please.  We will try and go over CORNERS, FREE KICKS and THROW-IN movement/runs

WEEK 34 news

WED 22nd WIN 5-0 against WGHS First 11

Some key performances in particular from the CENTRE 2, CAL & CON, JOSH L, PADDY and MAX.  A couple of dissapointing performances but then I did play some players out of possition.  The 3rd and 4th 1/4 I was very pleased the way we play, some great passing phases and a number of created opportunities.  A cracking goal from PADDY and a great build up, leading to a headed goal from MAX.  He had another quality, well built headed goal dissalowed a few moments before.  Without key players like RHYS and HARRY we made a few adjustments.  On a possitive we tried 4 different shape formations and 3 worked well 

A great session on TUE and a very pleasing work-rate from all who attended.

WEEK 33 news


A VERY DEPLEATED squad due to injuries, resulted in other players being given an opportunity.  Some too were forced to play out of possition.  This resulted in me not really being able to play the shape I wanted too.  GOOD TO BE ON THE BACK foot as we have not been pressured for some time and this taught me a LOT!

* Need to work on SHAPE DICIPLINE

* Value the ball more, some players in particular

* TACKLING 50/50

* Central players not DRIFTING

* Marking when defending and when ATTACKING finding SPACE/FREE AREAS


Also 2 goals from MISTAKES

Well just heard that our game against WGHS has been canceled due to INJURY and SPORTS CAMP.  Hope you are all looking at the hand-outs that we have given you this week.  Pleased with session 1 for the AIMS squad.  I said then and will re-itterate, from here on its all technical, game coaching.  Also I am kind of pleased to say that BOTH Y7 & Y8's are in the AKL CHAMP finals, date to be advised.


We will be sitting down with ALL PLAYERS going to AIMS in SEPT this week for a 5-10 min chat - BE PREPARED

Watch some footage from the EVERTON ACADEMY, some good basic technical information can be found and learned from these short clips:





TUE 31st - your turn Y7's, SUPERB, WELL DONE!  What a pleasure!

THUR 26th - great session with Y8's

Max & Josh, DISSAPOINTING to not see you there!

20th June = AUCKLAND CHAMPS (phase 1)

COLD, WET & WINDY!  Well the ellements were stacked up against us today but reflecting back both teams played well. A win from each team has propelled us into the semi's which we anticipate to take place in TERM 3.

Y7 win 2-0

Strong start, came out from the whistle and made an early statement.  Couple of early chances but with the poor conditions we found ourselves playing against them too. Jackson played well and netted one, Josh Lee looked good and caused the opo lots of problems down the right and Ben was strong too.  A great corner with a strong header at the front post saw the ball go SMASHING against the post. Another composed finnish by Tommy, usual flick with a good set-up from Josh.

Y8 win 4-1

We conceded our first goal in 6 games, THAT IS A GREAT RECORD to have, well I am pleased with it. STILL UNBEATEN THIS YEAR!  A very late warm-up but conducted with a great mind-set and superb approach.  The lads were really supporting and encouraging eachother, like I have never seen before. We started quickly and the better team early on.  Our opo (Remuera) were on the back foot from the start.  A bouncing ball in the area saw a hand-ball and a penalty to us, within the first 5 mins.  Rhys steps up to the mark with confidence and composure and blasts it in the top left corner - KEEPER NO CHANCE! Not long after, some good passing through midfield saw Max get the ball on the edge of the box and a quick strike accross the keeper into the opposite corner of the goal.  Rhys's 2nd and our 3rd was a FREE-KICK to the edge of the area, left of centre.  He blasts a dipping, back-post ball that is under the crossbar and over the keeper.  Our final goal was the best and great movement and flow. It started with our left-back, came up the line to the wide midfielder, into one of the centrel mid players, pushed forward for the left, deep striker to chase, he took the ball to the bye-line, he lays it back and Ryhs slots it in from outside the 6 yard box neatly into the near-side corner.

We missed a few more chances, we let them into the game, mid-way through the 2nd. We sat off and let them play football and with my key, central midfielders drifting out of shape/possition and a midfielder finds himself driving for the goal, in a central possition, outside the area who then lets one fly!  Over Hayden and a good goal!

Good play from Dan, Max but RHYS was by far in a league of his own.

19th June

WELL DONE, good application at LUNCHTIME, its almost here!

18th June


ON A POSSITIVE - I saw a GREAT indoor game this afternoon 

17th June

Y8's game vs FORREST HILL METRO/DIV 1 combined squad: WON 1-0

On a cold day, a spirrited performance was delivered from a number of the lads!

We started with a bit of an edge and by midway through the first half we built momentum and had a nice spell of dominating football.  Problem was Brody always looked like bagging one.  The backs were a little intimidated by Brodys presence and early on, made some un-characteristic, rushed mistakes.

Both teams had chances that were wasted, but for me, it was  a tought, hard battle in the centre of the park. In particular between Harry, Rhys, Jack and John and Warren.  I thought Warren was the overall stand-out player for me today, what I would call a class act.  Some FEROCIOUS, but FAIR tackles from John C.

I said to one of the parents, the game would come down to 1 goal, midway through the first half.

We tried a number of playing combinations in various possitions, so a lot to be taken from me.

In the 2nd FHM hit the woodwork from a free-kick in e central possition on the edge of the box. We also scrambled away a corner that Hayden parried to his left. In the 2nd I would say for most of the game FHM were the better team and caused us more problems.

Our winner was a well taken goal, from a good build-up, centre-back, to Paddy who hits an early ball up the right, curling from right to left and directly into the path of Josh to run-onto.  GREAT STRENGTH from the wee-man to fight of defenders either side of him and an even better, inch perfect toe poke from the edge of the box, to the right of the 'D', low into the bottom right corner of the goal. A WELL TIMMED GOAL that was executed with total composure.

We also went on and had a few penalties, GREAT FUN!

Thanks Grant and the boys

15th June

Y7's game vs PINEHURST Y7 & Y8's combined: WON 5-0

Well don lads, hard to play and score with 11 players behind the ball.  1-0 in the first half, a targit of 2 coals in the 2nd and the lads bagged 4. A few missed chances in the first half but we played the better football and kept plugging away at it.  Just a bit of a scrappy goal, but the all count.

The OPO spread out in the 2nd half which gave us moor room to play and because of this we were able to play our NORMAL game.  4 great goals with 2 from corners, one front post header by AJ and then another half-volley by Josh Lee. A great individual goal from Jay and one from Minaro worked well down the right combining 1&2 touch passes, a pleasure to watch.


14th June

Y7's game vs GIRLS 1st 11 inc Y8 Boys: WON 2-0

Pleased with the win and clean sheet.  The boys in general worked well. We had 3 game plans in relation to the type of STYLE I wanted the boys to play and I am pleased they stuck to the task - WELL DONE. Spoke to the DEFENCE as regards their responsibilities and I think they understand a little more whet is expected from them.  Lots of possession, good flow, 2 penalties not given, a post and a couple of great saves from HAYDEN who was playing against the lads in the 2nd 1/2.

WELL DONE LADS, a productive training session this morning, some GOOD FOCUS from most of you and some INTELLIGENT, CONTROLLED, POSSESSION football.


13th June

IMPORTANT: see NEXT TRAINING & NEXT EVENT boxes to the right, updates being made each day

9th June

Hope you all had good games today.  I have some good news in relation to FEEDER agreement into WESTLAKE BOYS SPORTS INSTITUTE for some of our top players.  MAGS already do this with BLOCKHOUSE BAY and on the 20th you will probably see Mr Kevin Fallon at AKL CHAMPS, he is DOC at MAGs and he has a superb ruputation.  Watch this space for more info.


7th June

I have emailed the schools to your right and we are waiting for replies. Also note I will mention players who I believe have worked particularly hard in training and in particular those who have tried to apply the key ellements that we are working on in a game format.

In general I am pleased but I know we have a long way to go and my expectations will be VERY HIGH as I know we are praised with an abundance of quality players in both years.

5th June

Please note that after AUCKLAND CHAMPS our AIMS/FIRST 11 squad will be tested to see how they fair.  We will use the FA's Scccer Stars program. It will be interesting for me to see what marks some of these boys get.  I expect a lot or 3's and 4's but I have my fingers crossed to see if we can get a couple of the lads to level 5.  The highest grade is level 6 and I cant see any players achieving that, but you never know!

Check out the site and start to practice:

1st June

This year in particular has been very hard for me to sellect a FIRST 11 squad to take to AIMS.  A number of factors have been considered including calls to CLUB coaches to get feedback about player attitude, application and game day performances.  Players have been closely watched at training and during games and it is from all this information and MANY CONVERSATIONS with MR. 'T' that we have arrived at our final squad.

I am aware that the boys are doing a lot of football at the moment and we have to watch tiredness and burn-out.  The boys will now train only one early morning session and one lunchtime session as both teams prepare for AUCKLAND CHAMPS.  After this there will be a REST PERIOD.  Training will then re-commence with the SQUAD inc the 2 reserves.

The door is not closed, we have left room for 1 extra, just in-case.

My goal is clear and we will aim to win Auckland Champs at BOTH years and then move to AIMS where we will go one step further and WIN in this years final - I BELIEVE WE HAVE THE ABILITY!


Year 7's FINALISTS loosing on penalties
Year 8's FINALISTS winning in normal time - SHORE CHAMPS

Year 8's AUCKLAND CHAMPS 2006 - played 4 won 4, scored 11 conceded 2

FIRST 11 travel to AIMs Tournament Sep 2006 - FINALISTS
Played 9 - won 7, drew 1 (won on penalties) and lost in the final
Scored 22 and conceded only 3 goals in 8 games upto the final.


NORTHCROSS 2007 Year 7's Celerbrating WINNING Harbour

NORTHCROSS 2007 Year 8's Celerbrating WINNING Harbour

NORTHCROSS best on the Shore!

Northcross Intermediate School recently attended HARBOUR CHAMPS. This is
a once a year event inviting all local intermediate schools to compete in
a reigional FOOTBALL/SOCCER tournament. The team is coached by parent and
FHM coach Paul Caunter. He has worked with the school for a number of
seasons now and has enjoyed the commitment and application the players
have shown him.

This year, trials took place before Easter and in total over 100 players
were considered. The squads were shortlisted and then cut to a managble
size. Training then took place in the holidays and also early in the
mornings on school days where the boys start training at just after 7am.


TUE: 15th May
Year 7's
Played 6 Won 6
Scored 19 - Conceded 1

WED: 16th May
Year 8's
Played 5 Won 5
Scored 9 - Conceded 0

Both finals were against local rivals Murrays Bay. The Y7's came back to
win 2-1 after going 1-0 down. The boys showed GREAT CHARACTER. The Y8's
won 1-0 after dominating much of the game. This was a repeat of the
FINAL, the year before, where NX lost on penalties to Murray's. Revenge
was sweet and the lads really wanted it and deserved it!  Shame my MATE wasnt coaching this team like last year!

Now both teams are heavily involved in preparation for AUCKLAND CHAMPS and
like last year, Paul is confident that both his teams will do well and is
looking for back to back DOUBLES.


MON 12th - new info
Special thanks are extended from the players, teachers and board for AIA's kind offer.
SUN 25th
1800 - 1930
ASTRO/GYM, dress warm, just incase
Thur morning
0630 ko
Calling all BOYS/PARENTS.
The 3 year kit deal is now up with AIG and we are looking for a NEW kit sponsor, do you know any company that may be interested to help us with a FLASH new kit? PLEASE EMAIL ME.
Fri 11th JUNE
Check school site for 2010 player/parent update email/letter re sellection