Small Whites xl soccer


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Mega Soccer is an option open to schools with halls and gyms.  Benches are the most important element to the Mega Soccer concept.
A pitch area is marked-out using 8 benches, lying down on their side to create a totally enclosed arena.  Mega Soccer uses the FRANKLIN mini-goals and the S2 MITRE FOOTBALL DE SALAO balls:
  1. LOW BOUNCE - this type of ball will spend 80% more time on the play surface rather than in the air.  Also the childs first touch is less likely to pop-up
  2. SMALLER SWEET SPOT - making it a little harder to connect properly with the ball, so when the child moves to a propper S3 or S4 ball they will find it easier.
When teaching Mega Soccer, we will coach the basic XL SOCCER elements and the children will receive all the appropriate give-aways.
Invite Paul to your Auckland New Zealand school for an initial coach the coachers session.
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 What you need
  • Hall/Gym
  • 8 x Benches
  • 2 x Franklin Mini goals
  • 1 x S2 Mitre Football
  • Coach the Coachers session