Small Whites xl soccer


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WEEKEND FUN SOCCER (Saturday or Sunday only)
Auckland fun football is for children looking for a game of soccer with the emphasis on fun.  We still encourage the importance of a competitive element as well as the physical factor.
Basic coaching is applied to the Auckland fun soccer program, including communication and the importance of space and vision (head-up).  Also emphasis will be made to positioning and bunching!
3 or 4 a-side without a keeper and ideally 4 teams that will be evenly balanced based on ability.
Small goals, ARENA pitch (surrounded by netting) and the size 2 Mitre FOOTBALL DE SALAO (low bounce)
Bookings for the weekend fun soccer is based on a 4 week program. We may end up creating a first come first served booking scheme (1 week at a time).
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Alec Solomans - age 11, Browns Bay School first team player and local G11 first team player 
Paul is the best coach I have ever had.
(He has played soccer in South Africa and New Zealand) 
Neparo - age 11, Browns Bay School first team player. Squad player for next seasons local first team 
Paul, you are the greatest coach I have ever had. 
Alex - age 11, Browns Bay School first team player 
Paul, I have learned more from you in the past few trainings than I have in the last 2 seasons at my local soccer club. 
Nathan Olukanmi - original Stantonbury Campus Colts player and now age 11 in his 3rd Season at VILLA 
I think you were a very good coach and helped me to play for Aston Villa.