Small Whites xl soccer


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Nike brought us 'THE CAGE' soccer concept and now MITRE gives you small whites 'ARENA BALL' .
Our small whites arena ball programs will be 1 hr 30 mins and run for 6 weeks.  We work with the MITRE FOOTBAL DE SALAO, S2 skill ball, but do not put too much attention into ball juggling.  The reason we have chosen this EXPENSIVE brand and product is simple:
  • LOW BOUNCE - this type of ball will spend 80% more time on the play surface rather than in the air.  Also the childs first touch is less likely to pop-up
  • SMALLER SWEET SPOT - making it a little harder to connect properly with the ball, so when the child moves to a propper S3 or S4 ball they will find it easier.
We have invested over $1,000 in new equipment recently.
The location is also important and we are very pleased to be working with NORTH HARBOUR INDOOR SPORTS ARENA.  The surface is a form of astro-turf, the pitch is completely surrounded by netting and we play with small/mini goals (no keeper).
On the right hand side, please read what top England coaches said about the quality of the private courses we ran for the development of children and the game in the Milton Keynes area.
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Tim Anstee - WOBURN LIONS (UK) 
I have noticed a big improvement in both the boys who attended your course, their personalities and their techniques have come on in leaps and bounds. After speaking to parents they too were very pleased with the level of coaching - THANKS 
I recently had 3 of my lads attend the PR Soccer six week course. I am very pleased with the results. The players are more confident on the ball, but more importantly they are more aware and can guide other team members through a match. 
Mark Rigby - WOODSIDE (UK) 
Well structured and highly disciplined; it forced the boys to take a close look at the subtleties of their own games.  No higher praise than the fact we have seen the benefits in the matches. 
The boys have definetely learned new skills, which they have put into practice in matches, confidently and with ease. The course was well structured, comprehensive and the coaches had a good understanding of the boys needs.