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Hi, and WELCOME to XL Soccer Online.

Our NEW website has been RE-LAUNCHED due to issues with NZ SOCCER and interlectual property rights to do with the name - SMALL WHITES

WELL DONE NX 2010 - 5th consec NATIONAL FINAL appearance and 3rd title in 5 years - CLASS!

Year 7s - N HARBOUR & AUCKLAND Champs

NORTHCROSS 2009 - Runners-up AIMS Tauranga NATIONALS


NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2008 - unbeaten in8 GAMES

* 10 consecutive tournament wins in a row - CAN YOU BEAT THAT?



FIRST 11 - National Champions (2007)

9 out of 9 TITLES!!!


Shearer says: our kids in NZ are not vocal enough on the field.  I could not agree more.  This is something I have always worked hard on, its part of the game!

“First and foremost you have to enjoy what you do, but secondly you have to give your all at everything,” Shearer said.

“Don’t cut corners. Give it your all. If your all isn’t good enough then no one can ask any more of you.

“I was never ever I don’t think the most gifted or the best player around, but for what I lacked in that I made up in attitude.”


So you think your child is good? Check this  out: THE NEXT PELE!

Children have only just started their journey and have a long way to go, dont ruin it by telling them they are the best or they are so good! We must encourage them and tell them when they have done well but once they feel they have made it they will stop trying. Even the PROS are always trying to improve their game.

You can see from the clip on the home page for Jean Carlos Chera that this boy IS GOOD and IS ONE OF THE BEST!

What to know what is going on in the WORLD OF SOCCER? We can keep you updated, have a look at our SOCCER NEWS.

Our aim is to raise the standard of the game at GRASSROOTS level by focusing on the basics of the sport that I believe to be the best in the WORLD!


  • To achieve higher levels of concentration for longer periods
  • Increase the levels of player communication during training and more importantly game-play
  • Lift the physical intensity of specific areas of the game
  • Introduce a consistent competitive element, especially in training
  • The importance of being able to play with BOTH feet.
  • Clear focus on key factors of the game, get the basics right FIRST
  • Resulting in faster, flowing matches and improved player performances on a more consistent basis

Having founded my own soccer club in England, attended many courses and visited many professional youth academies I have only ever wished to expand my knowledge of the game and pass it on to others, especially my 2 sons Louie and Jack - as seen above. They were the reason I first found myself being drawn into junior soccer 7 years ago.

ENJOY - XL Soccer Online is for you!

Yours in soccer



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Steve Hajduk – ASTON VILLA, Academy Manager, Northants & MK
“I would like to say how good it was to deal with a coach who was committed to youth soccer for the right reasons (ie the children) and not just for personal enhancement……… Indeed the boy’s from your club always showed the right attitude when coaching them, this is a credit to yourself in the way they have been taught.”
Paul -
Both Jack and Louie attended the Villa Academy program. We also had 7 players from 1 squad asked to trial, of which 2 actually made the Villa youth team.
Jack was first scouted by Northampton Town at the age of 5 after scoring 5 goals in a 6-0 win over City Colts
Craig Pirie - Celtic FC. Football In The Community Officer & Original Stantonbury Coach
I came across Paul while coaching for Towcester Juniors in the UK. I had put some of my boys on his coaching school PR soccer and was really impressed by the level of coaching, organisation and his enthusiasm. Paul then approached me to leave Towcester Juniors to coach for him at his club Stantonbury Campus Colts and based on this I jumped at the chance. It was a pleasure to work with Paul and he gave me back my belief that I am a good coach and to stick by my style. I then moved to Aberdeen and could not stay away because of this belief he gave me. He is an infectuous guy and lives, breathes and sleeps football and the size of his club Stantonbury Campus Colts back in Milton Keynes in the UK is testiment to that. I have a lot to thank Paul for now in my position as a coach for Celtic FC in the Football in the community team.
Peter Sturgess – DERBY COUNTY, Assistant Academy Director 8-14
“If you decide to carry on with your coaching and involvement in youth soccer I would like to endorse the way that your club develops its young players. In the times that our clubs have ‘locked horns’ I have been impressed with the way you and your fellow coaches have encouraged the team to play in the right way and in a sporting manner.”
When Derby brought down their G8 & G7 squads to Milton Keynes it was time for a re-match between the elder age group which we won 3-2. This was a soccer spectical with FANTASTIC end to end football, one for all spectators to appreciate.
Gregg Broughton – RUSHDEN & DIAMONDS, Community Officer
“In forming Stantonbury Campus FC, Paul established one of the most organised and professionally run clubs in this area of England. Every one of the age groups competed in the top bracket, and although success on the field is never the major aim when forming teams, it is a sign that things are run properly off the field. In addition to this Paul set-up coaching schemes that were open to players of any junior club therefore raising the overall standard of play in Milton Keynes.”
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